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Best New Christmas Music from Caleb and Kelsey

Today is the single biggest selling day for Christmas trees of the entire year. Thanksgiving weekend is filled with a great many traditions that get a lot of notice: the turkey, football and Black Friday just being the most talked about.

But aside from eating turkey there is no bigger tradition than getting the family Christmas tree.

For some that means pulling it out of a box that was stored in the attic. For others it means heading to a tree lot or out to a farm to cut one down and bring it home. It is the beginning for the focal point in the home during the season. Everything for the next month happens in the shadow of that tree.

We have discussed many times here on MMC the history and significance of the tree. It surprises me still that more people do not get the symbolism of the Christmas tree.

This song will help with that.

In fact, of the many songs I have reviewed this year none has touched me on as personal a level as this song from Caleb and Kelsey.

To be honest, I’m not altogether informed about Caleb and Kelsey other than they are a married Christian couple and their new album is called Christmas Together. He’s got a wonderful, warm tenor vibe and she’s got a smoky quality to her vocals. Together it is a sweet blend and everything I’ve heard from this album is solid gold.

But to me this song stands above the traditional cuts because it goes to the heart of symbolism of the tree.

I am a grandparent now. My seven children are mostly grown and just this week another has left the coop. We now officially only have one child left at home. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll see immediately why this song resonates with me.

We will all be together for Christmas. Again. Around the family tree.

“…these memories and names like leaves all hang on us, the family tree…”

This is not just a song for this season.

The first people I shared this song with were my children. Nearly all of them, scattered as they are now, head out today to get or put up their tree.

Oh, the symbolism and beauty of that thought to this Grandpa.

Father of 7, Grandfather of 7, husband of 1. Freelance writer, Major League baseball geek, aspiring Family Historian.

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