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The Thanksgiving Song

The Thanksgiving Song is a new release from The Petersens, whose videos of holiday cheer are famous in the Christmas community:

The Petersens are a family and they practice what they preach. This song, which celebrates how family enjoys each other at Thanksgiving, is reflective of how the Petersens really celebrate Thanksgiving.

It is a song that considers the challenges of the past few years for families everywhere and how Thanksgiving perhaps has greater meaning this year.

The Petersens are a family band performing full-time in Branson, and consist of Katie Petersen on fiddle, Ellen Petersen Haygood on banjo, Matt Petersen on guitar, Julianne Petersen on mandolin, Karen Petersen on bass, and Emmett Franz on dobro. They maintain a steady presences on YouTube where they share their music and they have a community on Patreon that helps support the family.

Their music is becoming more well known. Their talent is clear, their musicality is exceptional and their continual contributions to holiday music online is worthy of note and attention. We appreciate their efforts and great work.

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