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What does Santa’s Workshop look like?

Dear Ernest,

What does Santa’s workshop look like?

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Actually, that’s a really good questions. There have been so many ideas put out there by movies and cartoons and television shows about Santa’s workshop that many people think of it in the wrong way.

Santa is actually a very orderly man. Santa’s workshop is a place that is very clean and very organized. A lot of movies make it appear that there is candy on the walls, Christmas trees everywhere and elves playing around and stuff like that. Nothing can be further from the truth. Santa’s workshop is a place of business.

The workshop is very large and it is made up of many rooms and sections. You cannot make skateboards in the same place where you made teddy bears, for example. It all has to be organized.

The floor is made of colored concrete. Walkways are painted bright green and they are constantly being swept clean. Santa always says that a safe workshop is a clean workshop so he has elves who all they do all the time is sweep the floor, take out the trash and pick up messes. They even wear special uniforms and they are considered some of the most important elves at the North Pole. Santa loves things clean.

There are a lot of machines and tools in the workshop. These require things like power cords and air compressors. So there are a lot of wires and hoses hanging from the ceiling. Each work station has a work bench, with shelves above it for supplies. An elf is assigned to each work station.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have a Christmas feel to the place. There is a Christmas tree — kept is a “safe zone” where no work is done — and Christmas music plays softly in the background.

But you would be surprised at how business-looking it all is. Elves wear uniforms and have name tags. Tools are kept organized. Elves have lockers for their personal stuff. We have a lunch room. And there are offices for elves who are in charge.

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  • December 18, 2015
i think his wok shop is so so so big

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