What makes Rudolph’s nose red?

Dear Ernest (on behalf of Elf Victor, Santa’s head of reindeer operations),

What makes Rudolph’s nose red? Does Rudolph have any other family that has…mmmm…a blue nose or a green nose or something like that?

Dallas, USA

He was born with it. No other member of Rudolph’s family has a nose like Rudolph’s.

Elf Victor is actually very happy you asked that question. He knows a lot of people are curious about Rudolph’s nose and are just too polite to ask.

Santa wants you to know that while Rudolph’s nose looks different it works just fine and he really appreciates what Rudolph can do for him. While Rudolph is most famous for his nose Santa and Victor both are quick to say what a strong, fast and exceptional athlete Rudolph is and that people should appreciate him just as much for his work as one of Santa’s reindeer.

Santa and Elf Victor have studied Rudolph’s nose for many years to understand why it is the way it is. From all they have learned it appears it is a totally natural thing that is unique alone to Rudolph.

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