Christmas Haters

There is a whole new generation of Christmas lovers out there and they face things a lot of us older Christmas fanatics have never had to endure: the Christmas Hater.

The following video is from a very popular YouTube star, Colleen Ballinger, who is talented, funny and — it turns out — a Christmas lover. She does a variety of musical and comedic stuff on YouTube and I only know about her from what my teenage daughters have shared with me the past few years. But this video from her was passed to me by some others and I’ve only hesitated to share it because there is some language and less-than-family friendly verbiage in this video.

But that’s not the point. The point is that Colleen is suffering from anti-Christmas backlash as only the Internet can dish it out. And it is very real.

I say that because we maintain social media channels for our little website here and you should see some of the stuff that is passed our way via Twitter and Facebook — especially at certain times of the year. At this time — post-Thanksgiving — we’re loved. But other times of the year we some times get blasted for even mentioning Christmas.

We thought it was just us.

This catchy little song, crude though it may be, captures the essence of what the Christmas hate is like out there on the Internet:

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