Elf on the Shelf Terror Film in the Works

What is it with Christmas-themed slasher films? It seems all the rage and yet another film maker is proposing a project that now makes the Elf on the Shelf the perpetrator of Christmas terror. Called “Terror on the Shelf” the project listed at Kickstarter is hoping to raise funds to begin production. Here is how they describe the story:

When a Young Boy’s mother brings home a strange new Christmas decoration, “The Shelf Elf”, to entice her son to be good, but unknowingly unleashes a myriad of terror upon them. It’s up to the Young Boy to over come his fears and defeat the elf before it can ruin Christmas.

They are hoping to bring the project to screens in 2016. If you’re a fan of Christmas-themed horror, maybe you can kick in a little change to see Jingles the Elf work his mischief.

No word from the Elf on the Shelf people about their feelings on this project….

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