Christmas Music

Fill Your Heart with Christmas

You simply would not believe how many requests we get to feature new Christmas music. From artists known and unknown the month of December is filled with a steady stream of new songs.

So why don’t we feature more of them? Honestly? Most of what we receive just isn’t all that great.

Musicians tend to fall into two groups: those who want to make it big and roll in the money…and those who do it for deeper reasons. When it comes to Christmas music the separation between those two camps is huge. So many just want to use Christmas as a means to get exposure.

That’s fine. We’re not knocking any artist out there for making Christmas stuff, no matter their reasons.

But for our little publication here with our ties to the Christmas community we sponsor we do feel some responsibility.

Christmas is so abused in the marketplace of merchandise, of advertising, of movies, of, well, everything. We just don’t want to be part of that noise. The advertising on our site is minimal, our outreach for money has nothing to with profit (nobody here makes a dime) and in general we say “Bah Humbug” to the exploitation of Christmas.

So when we like a song we like a song — for Christmas.

Here is such a song from Los Damn Ramblers. Someone from their group reached out to us more than a month ago. We heard this song, featured below. We thought that maybe we would feature it. Being one of the earlier songs submitted in the usual rush of submissions it has kept coming back to our review group even though the song has gone nowhere on YouTube. That’s too bad.

At the end of the day, this is a great Christmas song. Nicely produced. Great voice. Memorable. We need to share this:

Thanks, Los Damn Ramblers. Your contribution to Christmas music is awesome.

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