Christmas Countdown - 2016

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Oct 7, 2005
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Yes, it's a marvelous gift! From Mr., of course!

I had the great pleasure to briefly meet Bill Marx, Harpo's son, when he played in my home town. He had teamed up with a harpist; he played piano, she played harp, and Bill reminisced about the Marx family. Afterward, I stood in line to buy an LP. I took along my copy of "Harpo Speaks!" and when he spotted it, he said, "I know what that is!" He wanted me to stay around and chat, but a neighbor lady had brought me and she had to leave, so I couldn't stay to chat ... darnit!

Our favorite Marx Bros. documentary is "The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell," produced in the 1970s. Plenty of interviews and plenty of clips!
I shall search that out for my brother for next year's Christmas gift. Come to think of it; I've seen that on TV at some point.
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