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Christmas Countdown - 2019

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Jan 5, 2010
Thank you so much for the prayers. He unfortunately passed away before my aunt got here. We are all at the hospital now
I'm so sorry for your loss


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Oct 4, 2010
Williamstown, New Jersey


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Jul 9, 2011
Nashville, TN

Hello, Friends!
For the 13th consecutive year here at My Merry Christmas (and the 16th year overall) it is time once again to begin another Countdown!

Here are the statistics since we began the Season Countdown idea 15 years ago:
2004 = 1,217 posts (Christmas.com) = 3.3 posts per day.
2005 = Over 2,700 posts (Christmas.com) = over 7.4 posts per day.
2006 = 3,756 posts (The Christmas Place) = 10.3 posts per day.
2007 = 1,957 posts (MMC, where the thread was not launched until July) = 12.1 posts per day.
2008 = 5,103 posts = 13.9 posts per day.
2009 = 8,231 posts = 22.6 posts per day.
2010 = 16,226 posts = 44.5 posts per day.
2011 = 31,091 posts = 85.2 posts per day.
2012 = 39,183 posts = 107.1 posts per day.
2013 = 59,747 posts = 163.7 posts per day.
2014 = 63,096 posts = 172.9 posts per day.
2015 = 56,859 posts = 155.8 posts per day.
2016 = 58,288 posts = 159.3 posts per day.
2017 = 18,081 posts = 49.5 posts per day.
2018 = 19,707 posts = 54.0 posts per day.
(Interestingly, we had a significant drop off in 2017, but then an uptick for 2018. Not sure why but, as always, the quality of our posts remains high. And that's the most important thing!

So, here we are ready to go again, at the start of 2019.

A word of explanation. We are running a dual countdown in this thread - one for Christmas Day and one for the start of the Christmas Season (November 13).
There seems to be general agreement among our group that we look forward to the entire Christmas Season rather than just to Christmas Day itself.
But why November 13?
Well, it just seems about the right time to regard the season as arriving. That date is exactly 6 weeks before Christmas Day and is around the time the public at large is beginning to really get into the holiday spirit. Most of the malls and stores have decorated. And starting the season then gives us exactly 50 days (Nov 13 through Jan 1) to enjoy being "within" the season, giving it a depth that is lacking with just the Christmas Day count by itself.

We also enjoy noting special "Milestones" along the way (see the chart below).

And there is one date you CERTAINLY do not want to miss! Many of us gather here on the evening of November 12 for our annual hour by hour and then minute by minute countdown to the start of the Season at midnight Eastern Time. It's something we really look forward to and is truly great fun!

OK then, Folks.
Jump on board once again to enjoy reading the posts and following the count, which begins today at 316 to the Season and 358 to Christmas Day.

Here is a list of our Christmas Season and Christmas Day countdown Milestone markers:

January 17 = Day 300
February 12 = 1/4 mark
March 15 = 1/3 mark
April 27 = Day 200
May 15 = 1/2 mark
July 14 = 2/3 mark
August 05 = Day 100
August 14 = 3/4 mark
October 07 = 90 percent (The Home Stretch begins)

February 28 = Day 300
March 26 = 1/4 mark
April 26 = 1/3 mark
June 8 = Day 200
June 26 = 1/2 mark
August 25 = 2/3 mark
Sept 16 = Day 100
Sept 25 = 3/4 mark
Nov 18 = 90 percent
December 25 = MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is such a lovely time of year, and I would not rob it of it's beauty, magical-feeling, and hope, at any cost. And, of course, Jesus must be first born in order to fulfill all Easter/Resurrection Day is about. So, you'll forgive me if I mention that Easter/
Resurrection Day is actually the far more important 'holiday/holy day." We look forward to that as well.


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Jan 1, 2019


Christmas Royalty
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Oct 7, 2011
Good 2nd of January MMC! The holidays are really over now huh? Back to work for me. But this year I will get MLK Day off since I'm using a PTO day for it. Other than that just focusing on today. That's my goal every day all while keeping the Christmas Season in my mind. It chilled off over night after a mild spring-like New Years Day. I fear though that we're in for some bad winter weather at some point in our future. For now, I'm enjoying the mostly tame winter weather. Have a great day today!


Rudolph's Groomer
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Nov 1, 2012
Good Morning MMC friends...Hope everyone is all well today...Well the festive season is almost coming to an end for another year...Hope everyone had a Merry and joyful time with their loved ones..Enjoy your day ahead MMC friends:)


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Oct 29, 2015
Good morning all, and a belated merry chrimbo and happy new year to all!

Sadly found no time to post in the run up, and execution of, Christmas - was all a blur! Never quite found my yuletide stride unfortunately - I was with a new family, and saw some very old family of my own, and some less than nice things happened.... Still, was a good end to a fairly tumultuous year.

Eager for the next one to come around quick quick.

Snowflakes now beginning to fall in Switzerland.

Have a good start into the new year!



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Nov 8, 2007
Ontario, Canada eh!
Today we will hang out at Mikes. Football will be on for his dad. Carolina will play with her Frozen Castle and dolls that his parents bought her. He and I will take turns playing Super Smash Bros on his Switch.
I forgot to tell everyone...Carolina lost her first tooth Sunday morning which was quite traumatic for her bit the tooth fairy came so she was happy
awe, first tooth gone is always a major event. Glad she is ok, next time she will look forward to the tooth fairy's arrival !


one Crazy Canadian !
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Nov 8, 2007
Ontario, Canada eh!
Happy New Years everyone! We made it through another year and start the journey into another.
--Funny story from last night. We ordered Dominos Pizza and the delivery guy was extremely late getting to the house. He had got stuck in a road check on his way to our house which turned into 30 minutes in line. He called later after he left because I told him about a side street he could take to avoid the check again. Well...he got stopped after he left the side street for another 30 minutes. Poor guy!
when I worked for subway a number of years ago, I got stopped a road check leaving work at 11:30pm. The officer looked in the van and said "you're good, have a safe drive home" fastest check I ever went through. (he had been in to get a sub just half hour before). LOL
Checks are good even if they slow us down sometimes.


one Crazy Canadian !
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Nov 8, 2007
Ontario, Canada eh!
Happy New Year everyone. Did a quick shift this morning at 5am, so I was in bed by 10 last night. Now I have the rest of the day to relax and enjoy. I will take the dog for a nice long walk and bask in the cool weather.

January is always a lean month after all the preparations for the holidays. I've made it a point to "shop" from the pantry. I'll buy the necessities like milk and such, but for the month of January I'll try to use up what I already have. The end of the month, the meals may get a little creative, but I've made it work for a while now.

Looking forward to a new year and a new countdown.
I do the same thing, I have 2 turkeys in the freezer to use and seems folks did not eat as much over the season, so also have lots of goodies still to use.


one Crazy Canadian !
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Nov 8, 2007
Ontario, Canada eh!
My tree is down all the decorations are packed away sad as it is . Let the long nights of winter pass quickly so I can get to garden season .then right back around to fall again
our tree is coming down this afternoon or tomorrow morning, will at least try to get it done. Just reluctant to do it, house always seems so bare at first.


one Crazy Canadian !
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Nov 8, 2007
Ontario, Canada eh!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
It is I, the one who used to be here everyday but now visits every few months.
Christmas still going strong here, even though I have been dealing with the PCB's since the 26th. It is a good thing, I am feeling it this year, last year I was so numb to everything after my breakdown. My decorations will be up for a few more weeks since everything went up so late this year. I didn't do my outdoor decorations until 5 days before Christmas, so I will enjoy them all for a little bit longer than my usual January 8th self imposed shutdown. My trees will be up for 2 or so more weeks. We were all sick throughout the month of November, my oldest had mono and pneumonia, my youngest had pneumonia, I had bronchitis, and my wife had a severe sinus infection. We spent a small fortune visiting the doctor multiple times for all of us. That is why everything went up so late, and why we now refer to November 2018 as the "lost month."
I am hoping to be here a lot more this year.
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, I have missed you all, as I have been thinking of all of you and this place.
Sorry for the long-winded greeting.
Happy New Year!
good to see you back, and happy you and yours are feeling better. Life can really throw those curve balls sometimes when all you can do is hang on. ((((HUGS)))) and may 2019 be brighter.


one Crazy Canadian !
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Nov 8, 2007
Ontario, Canada eh!
Yesterday was a difficult one as I had to go to work and then took off an hour early to greet the delivery guy with the chair on wheels for my husband. Found him on the kitchen floor; he had fallen after calling me to let me know he was going to have a nap so I wouldn't call to check on him. The cat was hiding; not sure what to make of the situation. Took half an hour to get him to his feet and to bed.

I took off and went and picked up a rollator that I had considered for two weeks, but finally had no choice.

Nearly started to cry in the car on the drive home because the reality of the situation is hard to accept for him. I drove a bit further so the music could comfort me - toughen me - so I can be strong for him.

If he doesn't want home care, then he has to accept that his legs aren't working well and he needs to use the rollator or his cane to get around to avoid a broken hip.

O'Malley isn't sure what to make of all the wheels around here; he's a bit nervous about the cane to begin with and now just watches and wonders. He rests beside my chair most of the time now. Guess I'm the "Big Cat" now.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, sure hope I kick this migraine that the fireworks caused.

Stay Jolly!

praying for you both as you head down this difficult road together. ((((HUGS))))
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