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The tradition of Christmas cards is a story of constant change and stubborn longevity.
For generations experts and the media have predicted Christmas cards would slowly die as a tradition. Instead Christmas cards have persisted as a tradition by changing well with the times.
~ Disputed Origins of Christmas Cards ~
Conventional wisdom, as portrayed by, claims that Christmas cards got their start by an Englishman named Sir Henry Cole when he commissioned the printing of 1000 cards in 1843.
This was the famous image of what many claim is the first Christmas card:

But Wikipedia says the first cards recorded in history is credited to Michael Maier...

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Oct 14, 2011
Wow! That was so informative. I can tell you worked very hard on this article. Thank you!

P.S. The podcast on this page abruptly stops at 22:40. I can't seem to get it passed that point.

P.S.S. Another thing I find fascinating is that postcard using a quote from George
Washington to oppose a Christmas stamp. That is actually a quote by John Adams from the Treaty of Tripoli. I guess it was harder to fact check back then. LOL

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