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Sep 14, 2019
I just wanted to pop on and tell everyone that yesterday, Friday the 13th, Syfy had a 24 hour marathon of Friday the 13th movies, and it was wonderful. It was a cool chilly night, and for a little bit there, it really felt like fall, as all month at our house during October you will find a horror movie playing on one of the TV's as the various networks do their marathons. It was like a "mini Christmas", but for fall / Halloween.

I have been toying for months with the idea of doing a "mini Halloween" or something of that nature to appreciate / celebrate Fall like i do each month with Rudolph Day, and yesterday convinced me that it is something sorely needed on our calendar. So my wife and I have decided that each month that has a 31st, we will do a "mini Halloween", it might be as simple as watching a horror movie (i have plenty on DVD), or turning on the electric jack-o-lantern, but yesterday felt great and i bet it will be plenty fun. You guys know me, Fall & Christmas Season is my favorite time of the year, this is just another way to sneak in a little bit more of extra fun!
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Nov 1, 2017
Nova Scotia, Canada
I'm going to move over to the "daily dose of Spring" feed now. My mind has switched to Spring mode. ha ha ... I really enjoyed the winter photos, however. See you in the Spring Section.
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