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Amazon’s Prime Day falls on Father’s Day weekend this year. It could mean a lot for Christmas shoppers in 2021.
There are already warnings in the media about two major events affecting the world of shopping: inflation and suffering supply chains.
If that’s true, why is Amazon pushing Prime Day on us so early?
It used to fall in July. Amazon, like all retailers, suffer during the traditional shopping months of July and October.
But when the pandemic hit last year Amazon was scrambling to adjust to the realities of Covid life. Like everyone else they had a hard time getting things and an even more difficult time shipping things on time. Prime Day last year got pushed back on the calendar to October.
Amazon adapted well and emerged a real winner during the worst of Covid. After all, who else could benefit from shopping online better than Amazon? They had a record year in 2020.
So what gives now that the pandemic is starting to wane?
Why wouldn’t Amazon just go back to their little bit...

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