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Oct 7, 2004
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Christmas in July, like nearly everything else in 2020, is going to be different.
Traditionally Christmas in July has been a laid back affair. Merchants would drag beat up and shop-worn merchandise on to sidewalks and put them on sale.
Amazon, with almost nothing else to do, created Prime Day, an event that in their eyes (an in some in the world), rivaled Black Friday.
Hallmark, who for years has tried cornering Christmas markets, recently used July to re-run their Christmas movies. But honestly July was more about Hallmark’s collectible ornaments than their movies.
The shopping channels have long made hay during Christmas in July.
And the world has little noticed these things. In fact, the Christmas-in-July previous to 2020 was such a non-event that the media got laughed at for complaining about the “first sign” of Christmas in the stores in August, even though all the stuff we mentioned above was going on.
But this year is different when it comes to Christmas in July. There’s no...
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Oct 14, 2011
Bravo! This sounds wonderful! I would love to have content that is not only free of all the junk going on right now, but also chock-full of my favorite thing of all.....CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!-santa dance-

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