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Best of New Christmas Music 2020: This Holy Night by Broken Bow Music

This Holy Night by Broken Bow Music is a real gift for us this Christmas.

Every once in a while during a season flush with new music such as this year of 2020 we get a song that just stops us dead in our tracks.

This new original Christmas song from Broken Bow Music is such a song. It’s called This Holy Night and it features a fantastic group of singers with a wonderful blend. Enjoy:

New Christmas Music 2020 - Merry Little Podcast

How can this video have less than 1000 views?

Yes, it’s been just a few days. But beyond the beauty of the harmonies there is a message here appropriate for our troubled times.

If you want to give a gift this Christmas, share this video. If you want to spread peace, share this video. If you want to lift a burden, raise some spirits, spread some joy just share this video.

And can anyone tell us who Broken Bow Music is? Seriously, these guys are great. We can’t seem to find contact info for them. We have reached out via their Facebook page, etc. But we’d like to hear more of their story and learn more of their plans for more Christmas music.

We did find them on Amazon and they have a new set of four Christmas songs available there and we’re loving all of them.

They will go straight to Kringle Radio for all to enjoy.

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