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The Christmas Song by Yohan Kim

Yohan Kim is one of those young outstanding artists who’s pure love of music just continues to bless us with Christmas spirit. In his latest offering, the jazz musician gives us his rendition of The Christmas Song:

Yohan was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 2002. From the age of three, he was able to reproduce the exact same melody and tonality on a piano by simply listening to it.

From then, he has played music on the piano through listening to other musicians’ music through YouTube even without music.

He started to upload videos of him playing on YouTube from when he was 10 years old. In 2015, Yohan appeared in a Korean television show called “Discovery of the Gifted” and started to spread his name nationally.

When Yohan was 13 years old, the video of him playing Michael Jackson’s “BAD” that Peter Bence had arranged went viral on YouTube and Facebook.

Yohan was introduced on Michael Jackson’s official site and “Ellen tube” of America’s “Billboard Article News” and “Ellen De Generes Show”

Yohan became the ambassador for Roland-Korea in 2015.

Yohan has achieved an overall 2million views and is being named as next generation crossover Jazz artist that extends to all musical genres.

We enjoy Yohan’s Youtube channel at this link.

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